17th Oct 7pm -The Streatham Strut! Details here: http://streathamfestival.com/2020/08/08/faye-patton/

Solo voice/piano gigs Toulouse Lautrec, 140 Newington Butts, London, SE11 4RN. 020 7582 6800. Great atmosphere/food/drink. Well known jazz standards + plenty of original Nu jazz songwriting. Booking essential – £3 cover charge for music.

Tues Oct 28th 7pm-9.20pm / Thurs Nov 19th 7pm-9.20pm / Tues Dec 1st 7pm-9.20pm

*STOP PRESS! Unlock? Very pleased to announce a return to The Green Note  Sunday Jan 24th 2021 8pm (Please note this is an alteration/update to recently listed date of Sun Sept 20th)

Faye’s ‘Ssshspeakeasy’ returns for it’s 12th outing. An intimate evening of blistering nu jazz and blues with Faye on piano and guitar and Ian Newton-Grant on drums. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

*PODCAST FEATURE. Welcome to the ninth episode of QuaranJazz: listen while you are home. Our guest this week is Faye Patton, multi-intrumentalist-singer-(song)writer from London, UK. Faye tells us about her new jazz idiom, her “mens sana in corpore sano” routine during social distancing time and the importance of laughs. Smile and enjoy! Drop me a line! Visit: http://geisafernandes.com/ QuaranJazz is also part of The Social Distancing Festival. Learn more about this amazing initiative: http://www.socialdistancingfestival….

** NEWS! Faye is featured in a new critically acclaimed book ‘Women inJazz’ by Sammy Stein. CLICK HERE to buy.


NEWS! **… I am featured in this forthcoming book by specialist German jazz publishers, Buddys Knife.

CLICK HERE to order.

”Renate Da Rin and William Parker have invited 48 creative women sound artists to share their experiences in the process of creating music and living as an artist. These women come from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.”giving birth to sound” is about Her-story as told by some of the most brilliant and creative women musicians in the world. Individual thinkers and movers who have been brave enough to devote their lives to the making of music the way they hear it. They were not afraid to sing and speak in the name of sound, showing us that they are a family of unique individuals, separate but united. With a foreword by Amina Claudine Myers.

Read their words and listen to their music whenever you can – it will take you even closer to the great mystery called life.”