Faye and band live at  Toulouse Lautrec  16th Oct 2021. Filmed by Mat Green

Faye and band live at  Toulouse Lautrec  20th Jan 2018. Filmed by Ron Hector.

Faye Patton interviewed by HerVoiceUK

Faye Patton singing in Trafalgar Square, London.

Faye Patton and band live at The Pheasantry 23rd Oct 2013. Filmed and edited by Mel Jones.

Faye Patton with band at The Roadtrip Bar, 21/7/2011. Video by Oh Deary Me.

Faye Patton with Band at Ronnies Bar, (Ronnie Scotts) 31/5/2011. Video by

Oh Deary Me.

Once you’ve listened on SoundCloud, please come and check out Faye on Facebook,Twitter,  JazzCDS  Bandcamp and YouTube.

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