An artist gifted with a unique voice and a pioneering sound that has attracted comparisons with Ray Charles, Rachelle Ferrell, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Horace Silver and the jazz greats of the 40’s and 50’s. She writes and sings intensely personal songs – lush landscapes of love, loss, passion and inspiration, with rich, soulful vocal stylings and prodigiously funky, groove-ridden command of the piano. A compelling lyricist as well as singer/multi-instrumentalist, at home in varying categories, from Nu-jazz to blues, soul and pop, Faye Patton represents a formidable new talent that defies musical boundaries.

‘Smoke-fuelled and chameleon-like…supreme effort of both freeform and choreographed musicianship.’
(Gareth Hayes, Rock n’ Reel)

‘Remarkably seductive voice and presence, musically skilled, and strong and passionate personality = FAYE PATTON.’ (Luis Raul Montell, Radio Jazz Caribe)

‘One of east London’s finest jazz vocalists and pianists.’ (Hackney Empire)

‘Her voice is truly something else…beyond compare.’ (Isle of Wight Jazz Festival)

‘Pure Versatility…mightily impressed.’ (Keith Ames, Musician magazine)

‘Solid Gold’ (Jazz singer, Sue McCreeth)

“Whenever Faye plays, she gives me goosebumps, her voice is truly remarkable.” (INGO, Promoter,Club Wotever,www.woteverworld.com)

‘A singer-songwriter with a stylised vocal reminiscent of Tori Amos, with a more Ray Charles-influenced R ‘n’ B slant.’ (Jazzwise Magazine)

‘Bluesy authority…wickedly assured pianist…any chocolate voiced mellow singers looking for new jazz songs to cover should check this out fast.’ (Jan Allain, Big Boots Records)

‘Faye Patton is an orchestra of moods and shades.’ (Federica Nardella, Seven Magazine)


Available at JAZZCDSBANDCAMP (including FREE download) and CD Baby.

Dangerous Loving cover art

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