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NEW ALBUM – Dangerous Loving By Faye Patton

Dangerous Loving – single ‘Bitter Seed’ available as free download here at
This album is also available at CDBABY  and JAZZCDS

An album worth waiting for – 13 all original, intimate, yet highly polished Nu Jazz songs by a pioneering singer-songwriter. A landscape of soulful melody, bitter-sweet funk, dreamy harmony and dark, bluesey magic. Talented guest musicians contribute a range of hues, with treacle-toned flugelhorn, strings, flutes, latin percussion, and the artist herself on displaying an enjoyable command of guitar, piano and keyboards. Not to mention a shimmering, hypnotic vocal register that demands your attention. A joyful creation, wrought in the company of good friends, old and new – this is a classic Faye Patton recording to add to your collection.

”Smoke-fuelled and chameleon-like, tortured and released, Faye Patton exudes forgotten Jazz. Articulating and punctuating her vocal authority with her independent piano playing, this is a supreme effort of both freeform and choreographed musicianship. ”

(Gareth Hayes – Rock n’ Reel magazine)

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