Hello, Faye here – welcome to my BLOG.

I originally created a blog specifically and I thought, temporarily, to highlight the trip that I made to Japan, October 2010. I intended to go to the island of Amami Oshima, close to Okinawa and spend time with the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – to be of any assistance I could in their prayers and ceremonies. I knew that this would feed into my work as a musician, but it was mainly a spiritual/philosophical pilgrimage. (The Grandmothers are an international alliance, each one a healer and custodian of traditional wisdom, much of which is under threat.) In fact, none of us ever got to Amami, as we were derailed by a violent typhoon, which meant we all had to meet on the Southern mainland. It was a transformative, emotional experience, which holds even more meaning considering subsequent events in Japan, with the earthquake and tsunami and ongoing worries for friends and connections in Tokyo and on the Eastern coast.

I have stuck with the habit of blogging . I have my work as a musician, and several CDs to promote and much to say about music, society, the cosmos, culture, society and these accelerated times of change. I view these things from one of the best seats in the house, slap-bang in the middle of London, UK.

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All other official music info such as gigs/sales etc can all be found here on the main site.

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